The cold press method involves a low RPM grinder that grinds the fruits and vegetables into a pulp in order to break up the fibres so the juice is released.  The pulp, still full of juice, falls inside a filtering bag and goes through a powerful press where it is squeezed out.  The juice is not subjected to heat therefore the nutrients, minerals and enzymes are not destroyed.  
Our juices are Ecocert, USDA & MK Kosher certified. They are also gluten-free, and vegan. 
Our produce is organic, non-GMO, and local whenever possible
Our juices contain no preservatives.  Only freshest ingredients are used which can result in color variation.  Juices should be shaken before consumption
Growing children should not go on any type of diet or cleanse, however these juices are a great addition to any diet.  Our juices are a healthy alternative to any drink.
Everyone benefits from a cleanse.  A cleanse aids the digestive process while eliminating toxins and wastes quickly and naturally.  The vitamins and nutrients are easily absorbed during a cleanse and therefore have an important impact on your physical and mental health.  Whether kick-starting a new diet, a new work out regiment, trying to boost your metabolism, a cleanse can aid in attaining your desired results quicker. 
Pregnant women and new mothers should abstain from doing a cleanse.  The body requires a lot more calories while pregnant or nursing.  Those taking medication or who have serious illnesses such as but not limited to; diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, kidney diseases should check with their health care professional before starting a cleanse.  Anyone wanting to do a cleanse for more than 5 days should consult their health care professional.
We recommend abstaining from coffee to get the most out of your cleanse.  Coffee decreases nutrient absorption, makes the body more acidic, overworks your detox organs.  An herbal tea or green tea with no caffeine is a good alternative.
Absolutely!  The energy used for digestion is now yours to use as you wish.  Everyone reacts differently to a cleanse, therefore exercise at a pace that suits your bodys energy levels.
It is common to experience an increase in energy, clarity of mind, and weight loss.  Some individuals may experience fatigue, irritability, and headaches.  While this may seem unpleasant, they are a direct result of your body eliminating toxins and restoring its natural balances.  The more often you do a cleanse the better you will feel.
There is no set rule for how often you should fast. Some people do it once a week, and some people do it once a month. The choice is up to you and how you feel. 
The more prepared your body is for a juice cleanse, the easier your transition will be. It is important to modify your diet before starting a cleanse. Eliminate fried foods, red meat, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol from your diet slowly and gradually. Also be sure to drink at least eight glasses of filtered water daily, as staying hydrated help flush out toxins. The slower you transition your body through the cleanse process, the fewer symptoms and discomfort you will experience.
Unfortunetly all sales are final.  If you are unsure of how you will react to a cleanse, we suggest starting with a shorter duration of 1 day.  Furthermore, we recommend trying the juice in individual bottle format to ensure satisfaction of taste and to evaluate your body's reaction to the juice.