JP Master Cleanse

A mixture of our different detoxing lemonades, our pure green juice, our anti-inflammatory remedies and our alcaline PH balancing filtered water.  This cleanse is meant to jump-start your metabolism, detox your body, help against inflamation, debloat and clean your insides all while getting you through the day. 

You can't go wrong with this cleanse especially when starting your day off with the E1.  The cayenne pepper is a metabolic booster, while maple syrup is an unprocessed, natural sugar which provides your body with energy, and the antioxidants in lemons help to flush toxins out of your system. 

Don't be scared by the name, this is a great cleanse for all levels!


6 bottles of 473ml of juice per day, 1 shooter, 1 alcaline water


Recommended consumption order: E1, E4, M1, M6, V4, R3 (E2 & Magic Healer shooter can be drank anytime during the day)


*must be refrigerated

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